Why Snooze off

What makes Snooze Off stand out? Do we boast the finest quality sleepwear in the country or are our prices most affordable? Is it our designs and colors or the stitching and style? Our loyal customers would probably tell you, it’s all of the above.

Launched two years ago, our aim with Snooze Off was to create luxe sleepwear using an in-house produced fabric that isn’t available in the market.

Single jersey is a knit textile made from cotton, which is a fabric used commonly for t-shirts. Its flexible nature makes it extremely breathable and comfortable to wear during the day and night, which makes it ideal for sleepwear.

Unlike with other fabrics available in the market, we diligently ensure the quality of our material, as it is made from scratch under our own production facilities.

With Snooze Off pajama sets you don’t need to compromise on style or quality or colors and fitting – most of all, with all the comfort we bring to you, your sleep and lazy days will never be compromised either.